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What is the Universal Automation ON/OFF Toggle?

Salesforce doesn’t natively offer a tool or feature to selectively or fully disable automation processes for data migration or testing purposes. This means that a System Administrator must spend hours disabling and enabling automation rules one by one or modifying metadata in Sandbox and then deploying it to Production. This pain point is rampant across organizations using Salesforce as a CRM.

The Universal Automation ON/OFF Toggle developed by eVerge Group uses native Hierarchical Custom Settings that can be referenced in automation processes (programmatic and declarative) to give you the ability to Enable/Disable specific pieces of automation, such as Validation Rules, Workflow Rules, Lightning Flows, Apex Classes, Email Notifications, and more.

Benefits of the Universal Automation ON/OFF Toggle

  • Entire feature set has been built using declarative tools in Salesforce which means that it’s fully customizable by a System Admin via an ‘all clicks and no code’ approach

  • Flexibility to toggle the automation based on Automation Type, Object Type and Profile

  • Supported with an automated org scanner that ensures the custom settings are referenced across each and every automation rule in your Salesforce org

  • Quick Create UI to let you add toggle feature for more objects on a single UI and in a few easy steps

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