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What is the High Velocity Sales Accelerator?

The HVS module from Salesforce is relatively new and falls short on advanced Sales Cadence and Work Queue related automation processes. Moreover, when Sales teams are trying to mass create leads and convert accounts on a daily basis, the OOTB processes are usually not time efficient as it takes a lot of clicks and multiple data entry points to get to the desired state.

Using our HVS Lightning Flows package which includes enhanced Account creation and Lead conversion wizards, Salesforce Admins can build advanced sequences of sales activities within Sales Cadences and have more intricate steps to suggest next steps with the right leads to encourage better lead nurturing compared to what HVS’s Work Queue automation feature offers OOTB. The Enhanced Account creation and Lead Conversion wizards allow Sales reps to work with multiple accounts and leads on the same screen while suggesting matches and duplicates along the way to prevent bad data from getting into Salesforce.

Benefits of the High Velocity Sales Accelerator

  • Built using native tools like Lightning Flows and Process Builder to support easy and fast customization as needed by Salesforce Administrators

  • Ability to set various Task dispositions at any time during the work queue management

  • Ability to integration HVS package with any third-party CTI tool (Eg: Natterbox, Five9, Tenfold, AMC DaVinci etc.)

  • Ability to add and remove fields from Accounts and Lead multi-step wizards using point and click

  • Ability to change matching algorithms to detect and suggest duplicate Accounts and Leads

  • Create up to 25 Accounts in a few steps and convert upto 20 Leads in a single step while deciding whether Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities need to be created or not

  • Ability to make callouts to external systems for API led Address or Email or Phone validation during any stage of the process

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