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Our Experience in Salesforce Sales Cloud

The intent of Salesforce Sales Cloud is to be a true productivity tool for the entire Sales Organization.

Enabling the Sales Reps to sell larger deals, sell faster, and increase their win rates by manifesting the information needed while minimizing administrative time. Allowing Sales Managers and Sales Reps to institutionalize a process to serve specific company objectives through consistent KPIs presented in real-time dashboards available for review and course correction. Providing corporate executives with predictable forecasts that can be used to make insightful decisions to reallocate company resources to achieve those specific company objectives.

Benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud

Facing increasing customer demands, sales teams must rise to the occasion. In fact, 79% of business buyers say it is absolutely critical or very important to interact with a salesperson who is a trusted advisor, not someone pushing products and services. Reps must understand and anticipate their customers’ unique needs and preferences, like personal consultants. But if reps are spending all their time sifting through customer data and doing manual tasks, like hunting for leads, researching accounts, and calling wrong numbers, they’re not able to use the time to become consultative sellers.

There’s good news: Sales Cloud makes it easy for sales teams to connect with customers and deliver a seamless and efficient experience along every step of the sales process, from lead nurturing campaigns to intuitive deal tracking. The result: You engage with customers earlier and close more deals, faster than ever before.  Below represents typical results from firms using Sales Cloud:

Forecast Accuracy
Sales Productivity
Lead Conversion Rate
Sales Revenues
Win Rate

Our Services Portfolio for Salesforce Sales Cloud

eVerge has been automating Sales business processes for Sales teams since the late 1990s. Our consultants are true sales practitioners, either coming directly from the industry or having spent their careers enabling sales productivity for our customers. They are familiar with all of the most contemporary selling methodologies. Our agile PrecisionFit implementation process helps sales users see the application being developed before their eyes, resulting in no surprises. Combining our expertise and approach with the power of the Salesforce platform will fully equip your sales teams to sell more, sell faster, and sell smarter.

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They went above and beyond the call every day. We had a very tight deployment window for Sales, Service, and Marketing Cloud.  They not only delivered but exceeded expectations.  We came in below budget and delivered early. Would HIGHLY recommend them. Our success was their highest priority.

Executive at Healthcare Company

Salesforce Sales Cloud Modules

There is so much more to Sales Cloud than simply managing Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities and automating those related processes. Salesforce offers many more solutions to further empower your Sales teams.

Salesforce CPQ & Billing
Salesforce Inbox
Partner Relationship Management
Sales Cloud Einstein
Lightning Dialer
High Velocity Sales
Salesforce Maps

Our Methodology

eVerge’s proprietary PrecisionFit® Methodology enables project teams to consistently deliver business value to clients through the implementation of cloud technology solutions that align to pre-built features and support the rapid deployment of software solutions demanded by clients today.

The PrecisionFit® Methodology leverages the industry standard Unified Process but tailors it by incorporating extensive implementation experience and finely-honed intellectual capital while working within the Agile framework.

PrecisionFit®’s unique focus on Data Harmonization, Active User Involvement, Iterative Prototyping, Knowledge Transfer, and Change Management ensures that eVerge solutions deliver value time and again.