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What is the LWC based Barcode Generator and Scanner?

Barcode generation and scanning apps on the AppExchange can be costly and they usually don’t use Salesforce native libraries for barcode management. The popular AppExchange apps also don’t provide standard templates for quite common use cases like Product Registration and Missing Parts requests which are quite common in the Manufacturing Customer Service world.

The Barcode Management tool developed by eVerge Group uses standard Salesforce LWC libraries and can generate a barcode for any field or Object in Salesforce. An end user can also generate a barcode as a PDF and print it from Salesforce. An easy to use ‘Product Registration’ and ‘Missing Parts’ template auto populates all product details on the Salesforce forms when the barcode is scanned using a barcode scanner. Using native libraries allows us to stay close to the Lightning platform capabilities instead of depending on external non-compatible libraries.

Benefits of the LWC based Barcode Generator and Scanner

  • Supports most of the popular barcode formats: 128b, 39, EAN-13, i2of5, UPC-A. The barcode value is governed by the specifications of the barcode format

  • Generate and place barcode on any page to be printed as an image or PDF

  • Scan a barcode to automatically pop up the relevant record that pertains to the barcode

  • Update information on objects by using barcode scanning

  • Mobile barcode scanning with your iPhone or android

  • Can be used across a multitude of spaces like Customer returns, RMA’s (return authorizations), shipping labels generation, event attendance tracking and management, serialized inventory and barcoding

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