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What is the Salesforce Offline App?

eVerge Group has developed a store and sync offline extension for Salesforce Field Service. This tool enables full Field Service disconnected mobile capability for use cases where Field Service Technicians are working in secured manufacturing plants and facilities. In these environments, wi-fi, internet, nor cameras are allowed. With the eVerge Salesforce Offline App, Field Engineers have full offline data access and functionality, which allows them to review work tickets, capture diagnostics from monitoring equipment, and log the entire appointment. Once back online, an intuitive sync tool synchronizes all field and server data.

Benefits of the Salesforce Offline App

  • Full Salesforce Field Service disconnected mobile functionality

  • Data is not manually manipulated, which maintains quality and integrity

  • Migrates file attachments

  • Security Compliance – Data is never placed or stored on eVerge servers

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