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June 16, 2020

Managing Customer Experience to Build and Maintain Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty
Customer Experience (CX)

Thanks to recent developments in internet marketing and search strategies, buyers have more power over sellers today. A lot of options are available to them, and they can switch from one brand to another immediately if they’re not satisfied. This buyer behavior has prompted businesses and organizations to prioritize customer experience as the key to success.

The Importance of Customer Experience Management to Your Business

Customer experience has a profound impact on your business. When you and your team interact with your customers, you want to make sure that they leave with a positive, lasting impression of your products and services.

Comments on online reviews and social media platforms can influence what others think of a business. People are more likely to trust recommendations by friends and family. Hence, feedback on your brand may determine a person’s loyalty toward you.

When a customer is loyal to you, they tend to:

  • Make repeat purchases and consider only your brand
  • Refer your brand to their friends and family members
  • Leave positive comments about your brand

All these actions help your business grow by attracting new customers, improving revenue, and developing your brand.

Owning the End-to-End Customer Experience

An excellent customer experience management is the key to attracting and retaining customers. If you’re struggling to create a strategy to achieve this, here are examples of improving your end-to-end customer experience:

Create a Customer Profile

To provide a positive experience for customers, you need to understand them as much as possible. Create a customer profile that summarizes factors like:

  • Essential information: Age, nationality, educational and work background
  • Motivations: Reasons they would interact with your brand
  • Journey: Their experience with the brand, from searching for the products or services provided to the final purchase

You may gather information for your customer profile from your brand’s historical data. These include past purchases, online reviews, comments, and focus group discussions. To gain better insights from these pieces of information, you may invest in reliable cloud technology for managing the customer experience. Cloud apps compile your data automatically, allowing you to analyze and cross-analyze them, and create customized reports.

Personalize Customer Interactions

Personalize your product or service offers based on your customer profiles. One way you can tweak your offers per customer group is through customer loyalty programs, such as:

  • Membership programs in which customers receive benefits based on their status in a tiered system
  • Point programs in which customers get a certain amount of points for their purchases
  • Referral programs in which customers receive an incentive for referring their friends and family to the brand
  • VIP programs that give customers access to exclusive discounts, services, and opportunities for a monthly or annual fee

Create a Solid Social Media Strategy

We all know that social media provides better opportunities for you to interact with your customers. Use the right social media platforms to find potential and existing consumers and interact with them on those channels. Engage them with relevant content and get real-time feedback with comments.

Excellent customer experience management helps you surpass or even edge out the competition. Define your customers and what a positive experience is for them, then find ways to attain that and improve on it.

Understanding your customers and positive customer experiences is possible with the right set of tools. At eVerge Group, we help you deliver incredible customer experiences in real-time across multiple channels. Our seasoned consultants provide customer experience management tools and strategies customized to your business needs and goals.

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Managing Customer Experience to Build and Maintain Brand Loyalty

June 16, 2020

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