We are an award-winning technology consulting firm. Our experts refine business processes and deliver solutions tailored for commercial and public sector clients.

We are an award-winning technology consulting firm. Our experts refine business processes and deliver services tailored for commercial and public sector clients.

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BI Cloud Service

With Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service, you’ll benefit from the agility of cloud-based insights built on the security, reliability and performance of Oracle. Plus, with mobile access you can answer any question, anywhere.

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Data Quality Assessment

We know data quality isn’t a top priority for you. You have a business to run. Let our expert data quality team assess your situation and provide options to resolve your issues. Read more about our solution.

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Incentive Compensation

Still using Excel to track compensation plans? With Oracle Incentive Compensation, you’ll benefit from automation, analytics, gamification, mobile apps and more. Motivate the right behaviors that lead to sales.

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Modernize Service

Customers expect a lot today. Are you meeting their expectations? What are the steps you need to take to improve? Learn more about the road to modern and how to transform service to create value and gain a competitive advantage.

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MDM Performance Review

Identify and plan to resolve performance bottlenecks in your Informatica MDM environment. Our assessment methodology assesses each component and the overall implementation.

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Register for OpenWorld

Learn key information to get the most of out of your organization’s Oracle products and technologies. Plus, learn from experts like our team members who will be there exhibiting and presenting.

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