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May 13, 2020

Why Oracle DBAAS is Ideal for Your Enterprise

Oracle DBAAS

Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), also known as managed database service, is a database management model that enables users to host data files, such as videos, text, and images, on the service provider’s cloud database system. Organizations from various sectors, including those in health care, banking, and government, are shifting away from an exclusively in-house database to DBaaS. Gartner estimates that 75 percent of all databases will migrate in a cloud platform by 2022.

One of the most popular DBaaS brands organizations use is Oracle. This multinational computer tech company offers multiple DBaaS options, one of which is Oracle Cloud DBaaS.

What is Oracle DBaaS?

This platform provides subscription-based or pay-per-use access to Oracle databases. Users will have full access to the operations and features in Oracle Database, but with Oracle hosting both the cloud storage and the virtual machine (VM).

Using Oracle DBaaS offers a range of advantages, including:

Cost-Effective Platform

Oracle DBaaS is a fully scalable cloud database solution. Using this platform frees up your resources by decreasing your organization’s equipment and software expenses.

Streamlined Setup

Setting up a database on site is time-consuming. Database administrators and IT staff have to take care of hardware setup, program installation (for each workstation), network setup, custom configurations, and other tasks. This is why many enterprise leaders opt for DBaaS; it reduces setup time and frees up IT personnel from performing repetitive tasks.

By switching to Oracle DBaaS, your provider will handle the many processes involved in a database setup. Given this, your in-house administrators can focus more of their time and energy on ensuring efficient database operation, allowing your organization to finish time-sensitive tasks more quickly.

Efficient Cloud Technology

Oracle DBaaS optimizes critical database maintenance activities. You have the option to automate or outsource all slow but time-sensitive database administrative tasks. Your database administrators will then spend less time on maintenance work, such as patching, tuning, and upgrading. This will allow them to come up with strategic database initiatives.

Reduced Database Sprawl

Database sprawl happens when IT administrators leave the growth of database architecture unchecked and unrestricted. It can be challenging to secure and administer a server environment when the databases are run separately.

By using Oracle DBaaS, your enterprise can transition from managing a large collection of data silos (with each requiring updates and maintenance) to powering your business using a flexible and agile database cloud. When you make your systems less complicated, your business ends up spending less time and money maintaining, supporting, and repairing them.

More Flexibility

Organizations can choose from a broad selection of delivery and deployment options when choosing Oracle as the DBaaS provider. They can, for instance, take advantage of Oracle’s public cloud solutions. Alternatively, enterprises that prefer to keep their cloud data management platform on-site can subscribe to Oracle’s hybrid and private cloud solutions.

Whether you opt for a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution, you can enjoy database management flexibility thanks to Oracle’s roster of implementation options.

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Why Oracle DBAAS is Ideal for Your Enterprise

May 13, 2020

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