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August 12, 2020

Oracle Cloud Platform: What You Need To Know About Oracle PaaS

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The rising trend of work-from-home arrangements was further amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic, thus necessitating cloud computing services. “Cloud” refers to technology that enables organizations and companies to store data and create, launch, and use software and services through the Internet. With cloud technology, users — developers, contributors, and end-users or customers — can access data and collaborate harmoniously from different devices and locations.

An excellent example of cloud in action is a team working from their respective homes, working together on Google Docs instead of passing a document in a relay. That said, there is more to the cloud (and Oracle PaaS, in particular) than convenient storage.

Oracle Cloud for PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS

Let’s move forward to what PaaS or “Platform as a Service” in Oracle’s suite of cloud-based products and services is.

PaaS is one of the three main categories of cloud computing (the other two being “Infrastructure as a Service” or IaaS and “Software as a Service” or SaaS). These three are often lumped together and referenced interchangeably even though they have different uses:

  • PaaS – Provides a platform where developers can create, run, and deploy software applications.
  • IaaS – Provides customizable, virtual data infrastructure, specifically storage and server space. Of the three services, IaaS offers the most freedom and control to end-users.
  • SaaS – Provides end-users with cloud-hosted software that they can use and manage remotely.    

Oracle supports applications under all three categories, including a fourth product: Data as a Service (DaaS). Additionally, Oracle Cloud can support third-party apps and open-source technologies that are compatible with the Oracle infrastructure. With cloud being their common denominator, it is inevitable that the uses for Oracle PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS overlap.

For example, Oracle PaaS or Oracle Cloud Platform may be used to enhance the capabilities of SaaS. On its own, “Software as a Service” provides users with software that’s ready and easy to use. Unfortunately, SaaS doesn’t give users the freedom to customize its features or control over its programming infrastructure. With the Oracle Cloud Platform, companies can enjoy the combined perks of PaaS and SaaS.

Oracle Cloud Platform for SaaS

Oracle PaaS gives clients the tools and platform to do the following:

  1. Expand the capabilities of their SaaS subscriptions by creating new apps or improving on the existing ones to better support their company’s unique processes.
  2. Link and streamline Oracle products, third-party applications, and legacy platforms that are still used by the company.
  3. Secure business data from malicious activities or outsider infiltration.
  4. Collect, merge, and analyze the data from their Oracle subscriptions and third-party data aggregators. Users can get data in real-time fast and analyze patterns from the blended data.

Companies that rely on software services can benefit significantly from the Oracle Cloud Platform. Considering its capabilities, they can use PaaS to accelerate their software innovations and customize their SaaS systems to better meet the needs of the company and the end-users. It also reduces security risks and improves the way a company’s departments work together.

Innovate On Your Terms with Cloud PaaS

Oracle Cloud Platform is a gift that keeps on giving. Besides amplifying the benefits of SaaS and IaaS, it ensures that companies can migrate smoothly and quickly from an on-premises set-up to a cloud infrastructure. This is very useful today considering the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. More importantly, it enables organizations to spearhead innovations and make critical business decisions based on data.

Ready to move from an on-premises cloud computing service to the cloud? Even if you’re only planning to transition half of your processes to PaaS, the Oracle platform can make things easy for your IT and staff.

We can tell you more about how Oracle PaaS can help your company. Get in touch with eVerge Group to schedule a meeting.

Oracle Cloud Platform: What You Need To Know About Oracle PaaS

August 12, 2020

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