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June 12, 2020

The Sky's the Limit In The Cloud (for Your Business Intelligence Needs)

Business Intelligence (BI)

Cloud-hosted business intelligence (BI) applications are proof that technology is making business data more accessible than ever. These tools and strategies, hosted on virtual networks, analyze business information by combining internal data sources with external data sources for actionable insight.

Businesses today turn to cloud business intelligence tools to optimize their processes and add value to their strategic decisions. These tools include online file collaboration and storage, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, and helpdesk software, among others.

But what is cloud business intelligence?What are its advantages, and how can it impact your business?

Understanding Cloud Business Intelligence

Cloud Business Intelligence apps provide enterprises access to BI-related data such as key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards, and other business analytics. It functions as a repository for large volumes of data, as well as creates a platform for businesses that need to gather data from a variety of sources and devices. Thanks to the cloud’s flexibility and scalability, it can match any business’s intelligence systems.

Cloud BI started with the need for a newer method to create IT infrastructure for businesses. Cloud-based business solutions used to be an alternative for small companies or startups that could not afford expensive BI tools. Today, however, cloud BI has become a must-have since businesses of all sizes have started embracing cloud computing for their business.

Why Should You Invest in Cloud-Based Intelligence Solutions?


With the cloud, enterprises need not invest in costly software or hardware, as well as businesses that do not have the budget for ongoing maintenance. Since the procurement, setup, and management of the cloud is easy, the implementation of BI solutions is also quick and straightforward. A big plus: all of these require smaller budgets compared to the implementation of traditional business intelligence solutions.

Quick Implementation

Traditional business intelligence solutions require an elaborate setup plus the hiring of experts for putting it up. Today, organizations can spend less time, money, and energy in establishing IT infrastructure and don’t have to worry about system maintenance. Also, the implementation of newer features per business is hassle-free on the cloud, making the solution more adaptable to any organization’s changing business scenario.

Data Security

With a host of data security features and protocols, cloud-based business intelligence solutions offer the highest level of security. Most of these analytic solutions leverage data segregation, data encryption, multi-tiered caching, and security patches. These cloud-based solutions also use more advanced protocols like voice recognition and fingerprint authentication to ensure data security.

Data Optimization

Cloud-based business intelligence solutions make sure that all of your organization’s data is stored at a single location, reducing (if not eliminating) the risk of data duplication. Due to the enhanced data quality and reduced data volume, stakeholders of the business can gain better insights using a single data source.

The Sky’s the Limit in the Cloud

Businesses that have migrated to the cloud are now enjoying business intelligence cloud service benefits. Cloud applications boast of computing powers that make them easy to use and faster to deploy.

Enjoy the advantages of the cloud for your business. Get started with the eVerge Group! Call us today to learn more about cloud-based business intelligence solutions.

The Sky's the Limit In The Cloud (for Your Business Intelligence Needs)

June 12, 2020

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