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June 23, 2020

The Best Thing to Happen to Your Customer Service: Service Cloud

Customer Experience (CX)
Service Cloud

We’ve all had those nightmarish encounters with customer service representatives. Those times when you had to repeat your issue four times in one call. What about those instances when they gave you the runaround and transferred your call to several departments.

Let’s not forget those times when you spent half an hour listening to hold music while waiting for an available rep to pick up. Unfortunately, we know these all too well. But because of that, we have a clear picture of what good customer service should be. And with SalesForce’s Service Cloud, you can deliver.

What is Service Cloud?

SaleForce uses the Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, approach to improve businesses. One of their core applications, Service Cloud, creates the best circumstances for consumer and contact center interactions by providing the most relevant information in the most seamless ways.

Basically, Service Cloud brings your customer service to a whole new level with three main focuses – helping customers, empowering representatives, and streamlining processes.

More Efficient Processes

Service Cloud gathers all relevant data about your customer – including the products they’ve availed, the tools they’ve accessed, and all the interactions with your company’s service, sales, and marketing teams. All these are readily accessible to your people.

Since the application compiles all the data, it will also be easier for your managers to assess the performance of each agent and the team as a whole. You’ll be able to make informed decisions and fill in gaps where you see fit.

The advanced AI of Service Cloud uses data to automatically assign cases to the most applicable representative too. This means every query goes to the right person for the job.

More Informed Agents

When cases make their way into your agents, they can be confident that they’re capable of creating solutions. This is backed by their 360 view of the customer’s activity. Your representatives have access to complete client histories – even across departments. This gets rid of the need to ask the client to explain their situation for the nth time while also making the experience more personalized to them.

Empowerment is taken a step further with Service Cloud’s customizable user interface. Your agents can adjust their UIs in ways that will best help them resolve your customer’s issues. They can also integrate additional backend systems and applications from the SalesForce AppExchange, which significantly improves their problem-solving potential.

Your representatives can even program macros for repetitive tasks so they can simplify their own workflows.

Happier Customers

Although your clients will definitely feel the previously mentioned improvements when they interact with your reps, they can’t really see what’s changed. On the customers’ end, a few awesome features will surely help them while impressing them in the process.

Your customers will have the capability to interact with you through any channel they want – social media, text, email, call, or even web chat. Salesforce Service Cloud features multiple ways for their queries to get to the appropriate people and back. You can help them on the platform they’re most comfortable using.

There are also self-service portals your clients can access if they want to resolve issues on their own. A list of helpful and relevant articles is available. They can exchange solutions with other users in an open community too.

The web chat feature allows your customers to get real-time support and be routed to the most applicable person or solution.

With all the Service Cloud capabilities, it’s a no-brainer for any business looking to improve their customer service. Call us today and let’s talk about how we can help you get it.

The Best Thing to Happen to Your Customer Service: Service Cloud

June 23, 2020

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