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December 3, 2020

Streamline Your Sales Process from Lead To Purchase with CPQ

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, a good sales process is necessary for success. The last thing your clients want is a slow-moving pipeline or a rushed process – both of which could cause them to turn to your competitors.  

Moving your business forward at the right speed means you will have to employ the right solutions. Before every closing of a sale, you need to provide clients with accurate sales quotes. It is one of the last things they’ll want to know – or sometimes, one of the first – to decide whether you have a good deal for them. By using CPQ software in your operations, you can streamline your sales process and expect better results.

What is CPQ Software?

The configure price quote software is a sales tool that allows businesses to provide clients with customized and accurate pricing. It generates quotes in real-time by combining current pricing with customer data on a centralized platform. With a click of a button, your salespeople can create and share quotes with your clients.

What Are the Benefits of CPQ?

Although the ultimate purpose of a CPQ program, such as the Salesforce CPQ, is to provide accurate quotes, it can benefit your entire sales process. When you invest in this solution, you create opportunities to improve your operations and business performance.

Shorten the Sales Cycle

CPQ software automates the quoting process, reducing the amount of time your salespeople compute for estimates. Additionally, it streamlines product configuration, making it easier to calculate quotes for custom packages. All of this shortens the sales cycle, which allows your team to close transactions with clients or leads faster.

Improve Quoting Accuracy

Your clients may forgive minor errors or misquotes, but they will not tolerate perennial mistakes. If these persist, they might end up working with a different company. Bad customer experience is a major cause of poor retention rates. CPQ lowers order and quoting errors. With fewer or no quote revisions and order changes, you can shorten your sales process and keep your clients satisfied.

Enhance Team Productivity

A long and error-prone sales process affects your team’s performance. Rather than using spare time to contact potential clients and close more contracts, they exert unnecessary energy on avoidable matters. By utilizing CPQ, you decrease redundancies and achieve sales goals more quickly. With ample training, your salespeople can become more efficient and productive with the software.

Future-Proof Sales Operations

As more businesses continue to adopt innovative technologies to improve operations, doing the same and keeping up with trends are essential. Salesforce CPQ is part of a powerful customer relationship management platform that’s cloud-based and works with various business management systems. It allows you to upgrade and update sales operations to be ready for changes, interruptions, and paradigm shifts, ensuring long-term business growth.

The eVerge Group: Your Salesforce Partner

eVerge Group has a team of top-tier consultants who help you future-proof your business through innovative solutions. We take a hands-on approach to each project, providing you with customized services to meet your needs. With Salesforce CPQ, our team will help you streamline your sales process for better business performance.

Send an email to information@evergegroup.com today to learn more about our services.

Streamline Your Sales Process from Lead To Purchase with CPQ

December 3, 2020

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