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September 2, 2020

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud: Promoting Collaboration, Efficiency & Transparency

Salesforce Sales Cloud

The success of a manufacturing firm lies in the quality of its products and its ability to meet customer demand consistently. The first step to achieving these requirements is to create an efficient, reliable process that lets the firm produce quality products on time.

Apart from top-grade goods, manufacturing customers want assurances. They want to know about your pricing, product availability, delivery, and value-added services. This visibility helps them feel assured with their decision to trust your brand.

Salesforce, a global leader in CRM, helps manufacturing firms satisfy the expectations and demands of their customers. The Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud helps your sales and operations teams work better together, allowing them to run a more streamlined process that drives performance while increasing customer satisfaction.

The Manufacturing Cloud has two major features: sales agreements and account-based forecasting.

Sales Agreements

Sales agreements collate the data in your enterprise resource planning software or orders management system along with negotiated contract terms. This gives your sales and operations teams an overview of every account.

Your employees can view orders, volumes, estimated revenues versus actual figures. They may also create their own time-phased metrics for each account, outlining the progression of your relationship with each customer.

All your employees have access to this system. If anyone makes an edit, the changes are reflected in real-time. With this level of visibility, everyone on the team always has the same, accurate information.

Plus, the sales agreements feature helps your team better manage customer relationships. The information they have regarding key account activity, service issues, and customer concerns allow them to respond quickly to changing customer dynamics.

Account-Based Forecasting

This feature generates valuable insights across the entire business. Your finance, sales, operations, and planning departments can collaborate to produce more accurate forecasts. These forecasts touch on various concerns, including changing customer needs, new business opportunities, and possible improvements in each sales agreement.

This feature also helps your firm with demand forecasting, which is one of the common challenges in manufacturing.

Your team can use these insights to predict revenues more accurately and make adjustments in operations, driving more profit for your business.

You can use the Formula Builder to define a forecast algorithm tailored to your metrics and inputs. It makes sure that the insights you generate are customized according to your business needs.

The Manufacturing Cloud also has intelligent forecasting called Einstein Analytics. Combined with the account-based forecasting, Einstein Analytics lets your account and executive teams discover insights into your day-to-day operations, product performance, and pricing, among others.

Manufacturing firms will greatly benefit from Salesforce’s new system. Ultimately, the Manufacturing Cloud bridges the gap between your sales and operations teams, eliminating blind spots and uncovering profitable opportunities that drive business success. This CRM platform also allows you to take better care of your customers, gaining their loyalty.

Cutting-Edge Salesforce Solutions

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Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud: Promoting Collaboration, Efficiency & Transparency

September 2, 2020

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