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November 5, 2020

Sales Tasks & Duties Made Easier by Oracle CX Sales

Customer Experience (CX)

Your sales department is essential to your business’s growth and success. You’ll want to hire experienced, hardworking, sales-savvy, and reliable professionals to be part of this team. Putting the right people in sales is just the first part, though; you should also provide tools that help them optimize time and resources to meet (if not exceed) their sales targets.

An excellent example of these tools is Oracle CX Sales, a comprehensive and cloud-based enterprise software created specifically for sales teams.

Oracle CX Sales, A Collection of Sales-Dedicated Administrative Apps

Formerly named Oracle Engagement Cloud, the Oracle CX Sales (also called Oracle Sales Cloud) is a suite of applications that help create opportunities for improvement and growth. It creates an ecosystem of administrative apps that can benefit members of an enterprise, particularly its sales team.

How Can Oracle CX Sales Help Sales Teams?

The sales process is not cut and dried. In most cases, salespeople have to multitask to close a sale successfully. While speaking to a customer on the phone, for example, they may have to:

  • Obtain the latest inventory and pricing schedule from the product development team
  • Check if the service team can accommodate one more client
  • Take notes of the conversation and add new information to the client’s profile
  • Create a new client profile if it’s a new customer
  • Look for upsell opportunities

If a sales representative must pause a call to get the information they need, that’s inefficiency. They could lose the client if the latter is impatient. Oracle CX Sales prevents this from happening by giving salespeople the information and tools they need to be effective sellers.

With Oracle, sales representatives will have an easier time doing the following:

Manage Sales Life Cycles

Sales reps can record a promising lead’s progression through the sales funnel. After the client decides to onboard, sales reps may monitor the progress of delivery of the services they paid for. Once the project nears completion, the sales rep can review the data and offer a re-contract or look for windows to upsell.

Collaborate with Other Departments

Inter-department collaboration is easier when you remove the unnecessary barriers to internal information exchange. Through Oracle, sales and marketing teams, for example, can have a unified database where members from each team can quickly get the information they need without having to ask via email or call.

Handoff Leads & Clients

A smooth, seamless handover from the sales team to the appropriate departments or specialists is crucial to a customer’s experience. The enhanced collaboration between sales and other internal departments is a contributing factor. Sales representatives may share customer information with the specialist or team that will carry out the service in real-time. When the customer is handed off to the receiving team, they can get down to business straightaway.

View Customer Data & Automate Reports

Salespeople are a company’s best source of market intelligence because they speak directly to the target audience. Savvy sales professionals can pick up behavioral and tonal (voice) cues and discover the market’s current mood, preference, needs, etc. This information shouldn’t stay in customer profiles, however, but must be utilized during strategic planning and product development. With Oracle, salespeople can tag, gather, and present key data that can benefit the company as a whole.

Follow-Up & Follow-Through

When your business has grown, it becomes increasingly impossible for your sales team to keep track of the status of every high-value lead, client, or project. Anyone or anything that gets overlooked could become a lost sale. Oracle prevents such oversight by enabling users to automate repetitive tasks like sending follow-up messages to inactive leads and acknowledgment emails to new customers.

Oracle CX Sales can do more for enterprises. We’ll be happy to share how the Oracle Applications can help your business. Contact eVerge Group today to book an appointment.

Sales Tasks & Duties Made Easier by Oracle CX Sales

November 5, 2020

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