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February 4, 2021

Optimize Human Capital Through Digital Human Resource Management

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Managing human capital, much like every other aspect of a business, can be a challenge. As a company expands, it may face problems with process automation, workflow optimization, and scaling. What’s more, taking care of an organization’s human resources becomes more complicated as the number of workers rises.

Don’t worry, though. By investing in the right human resources management (HRM) software, you can maximize the impact of your human capital and help achieve the objectives and goals of your organization.

What is Human Capital Management (HCM)?

HCM refers to functions that are a component of the strategic and global management of human capital in a company from talent acquisition to salary planning and analytics. It relies on human expertise to design, plan and implement strategies that will improve workforce productivity.

The organization analyzes collected core HR data along with the critical areas of the business to come up with sound decisions.

Differentiating HCM and HRM

Some HR professionals use HCM and HRM interchangeably. These two terms, however, are different.

HCM is an all-encompassing term that includes HRM functions, such as performance management and analytics. On the other hand, HRM primarily zeroes in on core administrative human resources functions, such as administering benefits and employee record management.

The goal of HCM and HRM is also different. HCM works to maximize the return on investment (ROI) and value of the employees in a company. HRM, in contrast, works to create and manage the processes and systems necessary to hire, train and retain workers in an organization.

Why Use an HRM Platform for Your Organization

If the goal of your organization is to optimize human capital, you’ll need to use HRM software that supports your HCM strategy.

Here’s how this platform can benefit your business:

Makes Recruitment and Onboarding Easy

Using an HRM platform for recruitment allows you to understand job responsibilities and roles clearly. This makes talent acquisition easier for your organization’s HR professionals. The right HRM software can also help newly hired employees communicate and collaborate with their colleagues easily. It can assist new hires in understanding the workplace values and culture of your company.

Keeps Employee Information Secure

Managing employee information using an automated HRM platform is better than conventional paper-based document management. A digital HRM solution enables your human resources team to access and manage the details of your employees using a single platform.

What’s more, your HR department can manage the accessibility and visibility of these documents, safeguarding the sensitive data of workers using digital security protocols.  

Aids in Employee Performance Monitoring

Keeping track of employee performance and providing feedback can be difficult, especially if your organization has a large workforce. Using a digital HRM solution allows your managers to share employee feedback easily and monitor employee performance from time to time.

The practice of easy and frequent delivery of feedback can help workers improve their skills and contribute to the success of the business.

Let Us Help You Implement a Digital HCM Solution to Your Business

If you need help implementing the right human capital management platform for your company, turn to eVerge Group. We build solutions on carefully selected platforms and applications via our partnerships with Oracle, SalesForce, and other software vendors.

Email information@evergegroup.com today for further details about our services.

Optimize Human Capital Through Digital Human Resource Management

February 4, 2021

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