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July 17, 2020

Migration and Implementation Challenges of Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud

As your business grows, you will need to adopt solutions that support its expected trajectory. A cloud computing service is just one of these possible solutions. Designed and developed to improve your data management, this innovative service allows you to streamline several processes in your operations. But there are several businesses that are reluctant to utilize this service.

This hesitancy is often fueled by the challenges that are typical with Oracle Cloud migration and implementation. When moving your data, applications, and other processes onto the cloud, there will be some obstacles. These, however, shouldn’t stop you from giving your business the solutions that will support its growth and development.

The Challenges of Moving to the Cloud

The Lack of Customization

There is still an ongoing debate on whether cloud applications should be standardized or customizable. Although Oracle ERP Cloud allows for configurations, these are limited to what the majority needs. Oracle ERP Cloud migration and implementation becomes more difficult when you require heavier customizations.

The Security Issues

Although Oracle ERP Cloud has excellent security standards, there is still a need to adopt and integrate additional security protocols. These are due to the security vulnerabilities that are unique to your business. The necessity for these additional features is often seen as an inconvenience, causing some businesses to wonder if it’s worth moving to the cloud.

The Human Element

A big obstacle to a successful migration is your employees’ reluctance to change. With Oracle Cloud infrastructure, you effectively improve processes, reduce downtime, and automate certain applications. Employees might see these as threats to their job, with many worried about their value to the company once the migration and implementation have been completed.

Overcoming Challenges for Better Business

The Oracle ERP Cloud includes Software as a Service (SaaS). This includes a wide selection of applications that meet the needs of different industrial sectors. Get Customer Experience, Supply Chain Management, and even Internet of Things applications when you choose to implement this service for your business.

  1. These days, there are several ERP applications that you can use to customize your cloud applications. Most are compatible with the Oracle ERP Cloud because of the growing need for them.
  2. There will always be risks involved with any type of innovation. Adopting additional security features for your cloud applications is just one of the ways you can effectively grow your business.
  3. Providing your employees with the necessary information about the upcoming changes will help in easing their fears. Remind them that this innovation serves to help them with their tasks, not replace them.

The eVerge Group is a technology consulting firm made of top-tier professionals and industry leaders. With our expertise, we help businesses increase their value while reducing their overhead. Our experience has also taught us how to effectively help you migrate to the cloud. When you work with us, you get long-term solutions. In addition to your initial needs, we develop a plan that will address any issues you might face in the future.

For more information about our services, get in touch with our team.

Migration and Implementation Challenges of Oracle Cloud

July 17, 2020

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