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September 23, 2020

How Upskilling Employees On Salesforce Trailhead Helps the Business


Continual training and upskilling are some of the best methods for empowering and retaining talented employees. It’s also a strategic way for your company to stay relevant in an increasingly digital economy. But how do you inspire a workforce, that may be doing more and operating in a remote environment, to commit to learning new skills?

Use the Salesforce Trailhead training program to provide your employees with an engaging and gamified educational experience. Find out what makes Trailhead such an invaluable tool in uplifting your employees and upgrading your company.

Why Should You Use Trailhead?

Salesforce’s innovative learning platform is designed with features that make it perfect for upskilling employees, preparing your business for a future that demands resilience and agility against changes.

Gamified & Engaging Learning

Trailhead makes upskilling more interesting by gamifying the learning process. Each user’s Trail is divided into easy-to-digest modules. Completing a module earns points that symbolize your employee’s progress. Trailhead also comes up with challenges. Completing a challenge not only tests a user’s skill, but it also rewards them with badges. These badges provide them with role-based certification, allowing them to be competitive in a workplace and opening your business to new opportunities.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Trailhead’s system lets users choose the lessons they want and learn at a pace that suits their schedule. This is ideal for full-time employees who may not have a surplus of free time. Your employees can take their time while earning their points and badges because of the platform’s interactivity and design.

Learn In-Demand Skills

Trailhead’s library of educational files and learning modules is filled with a variety of topics and skills that are in big demand in the current job market. Salesforce curates the learning platform to provide your business with a wide selection of modules to combine, boosting your employee’s know-how on subjects your company needs to excel in.

Build Useful Connections

Trailhead is more than just a simple learning platform. It’s also a rich and interactive educational community. Your employees can reach out to novices and experts to form connections. They can use these connections to create learning groups and even make alliances for your company.

Empowering Your Employees

The benefits of continually upskilling your employees extend to your business. These are a few of the major advantages employing Trailhead can bestow on your company.

Well-Rounded Employees

When you run a small company, you’ll often have to delegate multiple responsibilities to the same employees. Without continual training and learning experiences, your employees will have a hard time managing their different tasks. Trailhead provides you with an engaging method of ensuring your company has well-rounded employees.

Satisfied & Loyal Employees

One of the perks good employees look for in their employer is the opportunity to nurture their talents and learn new skills. Your business will have an easier time providing these types of opportunities when you work with interactive platforms like Trailhead. By using a gamified learning platform, you can generate employee loyalty and ensure they are satisfied with their development.

Improved Company Performance

Well-trained employees can provide high-quality outputs for your business. With additional training and upskilling, you can entrust them with more responsibilities; they’ll have the knowledge to do their jobs well.

Uplifting your employees and upgrading your business come hand-in-hand. Partner with the right organization to access Salesforce Trailhead and other innovative solutions.

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How Upskilling Employees On Salesforce Trailhead Helps the Business

September 23, 2020

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