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September 3, 2020

How CRM Platforms Deliver Promising Business Results


Businesses generate data on a daily basis, and it comes in several forms. But that data is often raw, unfiltered, or unstructured. Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms help you sort out information to extract key insights — leading to timely business decisions.

Salesforce can help you achieve that and more. What are the potential ways it can elevate your business?

Organized Data and Reliable Analysis

Teams painstakingly shift back and forth between email messages and spreadsheets to verify information. A CRM platform, like Salesforce, organizes all the crucial information you need under one roof.

It gives you a bird’s eye view of the prospects you’re engaging. It has robust reporting features that give you a better perspective on the most promising opportunities, as well as key sales and customer service trends.

For instance, Salesforce can give you information on how many times a lead opened an email, the hyperlinks they clicked in the message, and the frequency of conversations with your team.

For some businesses, it can be difficult to embrace new software. Expert guidance from a Salesforce consulting partner will help you successfully adopt this powerful platform.

Better Team Workflows

Salesforce also empowers your marketing, sales, and customer teams to work and collaborate better.

Crucial information (e.g. contact details, last touchpoints, project next steps) is accessible to everyone in the organization. And since volumes of data are uploaded in the cloud, team members can access information whenever and wherever.

Account and password authentication features are built into the platform to ensure security.

Salesforce isn’t an ordinary CRM platform. It has an array of collaboration tools that allow teams to get things done efficiently and effectively.

Some of these functionalities include:

  • Forming groups where you can share project or campaign-specific knowledge and insights.
  • Creating and sharing different types of files on the platform, whether it’s external documents, Salesforce CRM content, and other relevant files.
  • Using Google Docs and Gmail through Salesforce integrations.
  • Collaborating on drafts, spreadsheets, and presentations through Quip Associated Documents.

Improved Service

With organized data and better-functioning teams, your organization can deliver more valuable service — resulting in happier customers and increased sales.

For instance, sales staff can craft the appropriate outreach strategy to entice a specific customer group. All the information they need to create relevant content and actionable points is just a few clicks away. This can result in messaging that resonates with leads and customers.

Through Salesforce’s platform, your team can engage in manual or automated campaigns — or both. Your team can focus on the high priority campaigns and specific automated messaging can constantly surface leads.

Additionally, there will be some customer issues that need to be sorted out down the line. With Salesforce’s intuitive customer service dashboards, your team can quickly find solutions to product or service problems.

Integrate Salesforce with the help of eVerge

With over 25 years of enterprise solutions experience, eVerge Group can take your business to the next level through efficient system integration of new technologies. Our strong partnership with Salesforce puts us in a good position to help you migrate to the cloud successfully.

Email us today to get started.

How CRM Platforms Deliver Promising Business Results

September 3, 2020

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