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October 22, 2020

Enhance Your Business Strategies and Planning With AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence or AI has so much potential as a vehicle for businesses to excel in different areas of their operations. It can contribute to business planning, data collection and parsing, data security, fraud detection, market research, advertising, and customer service.

AI Ushers Businesses Into the 4th Industrial Revolution

AI is a broad concept that covers technology that enables machines to perform tasks in a “smart” way (“smart” refers to the ability to perform and process information the same way as humans do). Those who can integrate AI into their business operations will have a lot to gain:

  • They can evolve with the increasingly digital landscape.
  • Their products and services are unlikely to become obsolete.
  • They keep up with the demands for rapid production.
  • They ensure product quality and uniformity.

Of course, AI is not the only vehicle for staying competitive amid the 4th Industrial Revolution. There’s also IoT (the Internet of Things), robotics, quantum computing, and more. But AI is one of the more familiar to most businesses, and that’s because it is already applied to various widely used software and technology today.

How to Integrate AI Into Your Business

With AI already present in many software products and technologies for manufacturing, businesses may find ways to use AI technology in many areas of their operations.

We highly recommend the following key areas:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

You may not realize it, but your sales team could be wasting precious time typing customer information in a data bank instead of speaking with them and building a solid business-to-customer relationship.

On average, salespeople spend 28% of their work hours reading and answering emails; 19% on research and data gathering, and 14% on internal communications. It leaves salespeople only 39% of their time to actually sell stuff. By integrating AI into CRM, you can automate the administrative tasks (e.g., data entry, prospecting, scheduling of meetings) and give your sales team more hours to market your products and services.

Email Outreach & Email Marketing

Instead of delegating a full-time marketing staffer or two to compose and send outreach and marketing emails, you can use AI to take the bulk of the workload. AI technology can be designed to automate email marketing SOPs, like composing personalized marketing emails that follow a template but read organically — as though a real person composed the message for each recipient.

AI-supported outreach platforms can also sort emails and determine which departments they should go based on keyword mentions.

Lastly, you can use AI to link email outreach and marketing with CRM. If used optimally, email marketing with AI and CRM integration can nurture leads, earn engagement from recipients, and obtain valuable customer information. These pieces of information, such as the best time to call, product preferences, and updated contact details, are crucial to short-term and long-term strategic planning.

Customer Service & AI

Want to build a lasting relationship with your customers? Improve your customer service by augmenting online messaging and phone support with AI. You’ve likely encountered this application of AI yourself. The chatbot that responds to your inquiries on Facebook Messenger and Instagram, as well as the website chat assistant that asks, “How may I help you today?” are prime examples.

As discussed in the previous item, AI can make answering emails more efficient with its sorting and rerouting capabilities. You can maximize these benefits so that you can deliver on your promise of responding to email inquiries within 24 hours – or the soonest time possible.

Your Reliable Source of AI Solutions for Businesses

Ready to give artificial and adaptive intelligence technology a bigger role in your organization? eVerge Group offers AI-integrated solutions for enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer experience, and HR management, among others. We offer tools by Oracle, Salesforce, and Peoplesoft.

Learn all about the applications of these business solutions at eVerge Group. Schedule a consultation with us today.

Enhance Your Business Strategies and Planning With AI

October 22, 2020

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