Gamification – It’s a term you hear a lot these days if you are spending any time in a contact center. But what is gamification and why is it so visible these days? Simply stated, gamification is a cost-effective way to reward improvements in productivity and customer satisfaction through the awarding of points, prizes and public praise. Gamification is about driving employees toward desired outcomes and behaviors.

Let’s face it, most people reaching out to a contact center are calling about a problem, some issue related to a product or service in question, be it monetary, functional or otherwise. They are not usually calling to say ‘Hey, great job you are doing!’. This means the contact center team takes the brunt of the customer’s frustration, anger and abuse. How do you retain staff and maintain morale when this is what they face on a day-to-day basis?

That’s where gamification comes in. Gamification is used to create a friendly competitive atmosphere where positive behaviors and results are rewarded. Companies employing gamification create personal and team challenges that reward results. Ever see the hardware store employee with the orange vests; notice all the little pins (badges) they sport? This is gamification at work. Employees collect badges and are rewarded for achievement.

Virtual gamification works the same way. Contact center data such as survey results, average call handle time, first time resolution rates, attendance and more can be accumulated, weighted and scored to create badges and reward prizes.

As an example, eVerge recently worked with a global entertainment company to leverage eVerge’s proven experience with Incentive Compensation and develop a gaming application.

Challenging market conditions, employee turnover and fulfillment, behavior transformation and customer satisfaction were driving the organization to look for ways to improve employee morale through non-traditional means. Gamification of employee’s actions and experiences with the customer was implemented to achieve improved results for customers and employees of the organization.

Using data accumulated within Oracle Incentive Compensation Cloud Solution (OICS), the company is able to create metrics, associate goals and award results for employee activities. The company already measured Average Handle Time, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Quality, Attendance, and many other variables to help manage their contact center and employees. With OICS, the same information was used to create games that are fun and challenge their employees to be the best they can be.

Gamification is results driven:

  • Improve customer satisfaction rates.
  • Reduce employee turnover and improve overall morale.
  • Incentivize desired employee behavior for a positive impact.
  • Leverage competitive drive to achieve specific goals by rewarding results with prizes and acknowledgement.
  • Individual and team specific dashboards that help employees track results throughout the day and over time. Scores and ranks must be easy to understand and constantly updated. Simplified game result presentation is a must to keep the team engaged.
  • Reduced agent ramp-up and on-boarding time.


The fundamentals of OICS are used to create performance metrics, plan components and compensation plans that rewarded employees for exemplary results and behaviors. For instance, survey results are accumulated for NPS, CSAT, and Resolution into metrics that can be used to reward results. Levels for Bronze, Silver and Gold are recorded and displayed to the employee on a colorful, easy to understand, dashboard. The employees are able to see how their actions and interactions impact their ranking with in the team. Personal badges are awarded monthly. As a result, the drive to earn the badge is renewed with each passing month. Prizes are awarded weekly, monthly and quarterly depending on the game and the challenge. Gift cards, company products, days off, priority parking, are just some of the rewards emplo   yees can earn. Games are designed so that part-time and full-time employees compete on a level playing field.

eVerge leveraged the fundamentals of Oracle Service Cloud, the client’s telephony system, attendance records and offline quality reviews to create the individual performance metrics. A combination of web services, batch extracts and imports along with spreadsheet data loads allow the customer to gather data from many disparate sources, accumulate it and measure it, communicate it and reward for it all utilizing a single set of tools.

Working in customer service doesn’t have to be dull, repetitive or frustrating all the time. Every contact is an opportunity to achieve a personal best and get rewarded. OICS is one tool to help make this doable.



Written by:
Brad Nagar, eVerge Consultant