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Accelerated CRM Implementation Solution

What is ReadyExpress?

eVerge Group’s ReadyExpress solution combines knowledge, experience, and expertise with the power of Oracle CRM On Demand. This combination enables your organization to quickly launch an Oracle CRM On Demand project that will yield an enduring platform for future growth and expansion.

The key benefits of this solution include:

  • Go-Live in 4, 6, or 8 weeks (depending on the package)
  • Pre-written Statement Of Work for quick approval and execution
  • Scheduling and prerequisites to ensure that you know what to expect to implement once eVerge Group Consultants arrive
  • eVerge Group ReadyExpress customers are qualified for a time and materials support contract with no minimum charges
  • Standard reporting across all subject areas
  • Robust visibility model tailored for your organization
  • Role based security and secure data access
  • Easy to use web interface
  • Predictable implementation cost
  • Reduced implementation time, complexity, and risk
Get eVerge Group's wealth of Oracle CRM On Demand implementation experience delivered in a packaged solution set called eVerge ReadyExpress for CRM On Demand. These three packages are designed to give our customers a solid understanding of how to own and utilize Oracle CRM On Demand for Sales Force Automation (SFA) while going live with your SaaS instance within a short timeline.

eVerge Group ReadyExpress Package Comparison Grid

  eVerge Group CRM On Demand Competition
Deliverables Ready Express 1 Ready Express 2 Ready Express 3 Competitor A Competitor B
Number of users 30 60 80 25 100
Levels Organization Structure 3 4 5 1 2
Roles and Access Profiles 2 3 4 1 1
Sales Process with Sales Coach 1 1 3 1 1
Workflow Processes 2 3 5 0 2
Assignment Manager Rules 2 3 5 0 2
Custom fields per object for Accounts, Contacts, Campaigns and Opportunities 20 30 30 15 20
Field validation rule per object for Accounts, Contacts, Campaigns and Opportunities 2 3 4 0 1
Initial data migration of records per object for Users, Accounts and Contacts None 5,000 7,500 None One Object Only.
eVerge Group ReadyExpress SFA documentation pack Yes Yes Yes One Spreadsheet One Spreadsheet
Professional Assessment – Suggested future phase path Yes Yes Yes No No
Post Production Support Hours 10 20 35 0 0

Cost to Implement






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Deliverable Defined

  • Number of users – The numbers in each package are considered an upper limit.

  • Levels of Organization Structure – This affects both reporting and the complexity of the visibility model.

  • Roles and Access Profiles – This affects both reporting and the complexity of the visibility model.

  • Sales Process with Sales Coach – For each Sales Process defined, an accompanying Sales Coach is defined.

  • Workflow Processes – Workflow Processes complement the Sales Process with automation at various steps.

  • Assignment Manager Rules – Automatic assignment of records to an individual or team based on pre-defined criteria.

  • Custom Fields per Object – Net new custom fields for the Account, Contact, Campaigns and Opportunity objects.

  • Field Validation Rules – Rules to enforce requirement based on another field value.

  • Initial Data Migration – Number of records imported per object prior to go-live.

  • SFA Documentation Pack – Complete documentation set for SFA ReadyExpress implementation including Object Definition Docs, SFA Process docs and Field Level mapping docs.

  • Professional Assessment – CRM On Demand professional assessment based on your implementation. Essentially a roadmap of where you should take CRM On Demand in future phases whether your company performs the work or eVerge Group is engaged to help.

  • Post Production Support Hours – Hours included for post production support. With any ReadyExpress package, your company is qualified for a time only support contract with no minimum.

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